Audi Prom Semiotic Analysis Essay

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Hieu Nguyen
English 1C
Mr. Rim
13 August 2013
It’s Good to Be Brave Advertisers will often times go above and beyond traditional ways of pitching products and adapt clever ways to sell emotions or desires through commercial advertising. More than simple print ads, video advertisements are able to play on the mythologies and beliefs of modern pop culture, appealing to specifically targeted individuals or social groups through the suggestive themes and symbols being portrayed. Associations of things like sex or status to certain products can entice specific audiences towards buying or desiring them. A pair of jeans will not necessarily bring abundant amounts of sex to one’s future, and using a certain type of body wash will not make …show more content…

When getting inside, he makes his way across the dance floor, grabs the prom queen, and gives her a long and intimate kiss. The gym goes silent and soon cheers can be heard from several onlookers. His actions invite unwanted attention from the prom king, who is now beginning to approach him. The commercial concludes with the teen speeding off in the Audi, cutting to a shot of an exhilarating shout that is coupled with his newly acquired black eye. On the screen, “Bravery - It’s What Defines Us” is displayed before cutting out to black. There are many signs within the commercial that are presented to give the character a personality and have the audience identify with this persona. In the article “A Moral Never-Never Land: Identifying with Tony Soprano,” James Harold discusses the relation of audiences with characters on television shows and the sharing of feelings and emotions between them. Being able to relate to or sympathize with another character will allow us to like them, even though they may be completely different than our real life morals or ideals (Harold 301). The family and characters during the commercial conform to the patriarchal but populist themes present throughout modern society that many young Americans would be able to put themselves into the shoes of. The little sister and her insensitive remark are ironically paired with her wearing of large angel wings. The mother is nurturing and loving, while the father doesn’t smile but simply

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