Audience Demographics

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Audience demographics are an important piece of information to know when constructing a speech. Having had multiple classes, I have knowledge as to who I will be speaking to. My class consists of eighteen people who are roughly 18-20 years of age and one professor. Beings that this class is science related, most of the students enrolled are pursuing a degree in health care with a few exceptions of undecided majors. Background information for each person is limited because my personal interactions with each student has been minimal. From my observations, I have concluded that most of us probably come from the Midwest with a few from the coast or a different country. With that being said, we all came to Augustana to get a college education and …show more content…

With that information, I think I will tell a story that the audience can relate to themselves about how every May my allergies get so bad that I have a hard time opening my eyes because they are so swollen and I sneeze what seems to be a hundred times a day. I will try to keep my vocabulary and language usage at an understandable level that the students can follow along. For example, instead of saying cetirizine hydrochloride I will use Zyrtec. Keeping things concise will help engage my audience the best I can. I will not go into detail about how Zyrtec used to be a prescribed drug and not that long ago was allowed to be used over the counter. Instead I will briefly discuss the topic and move on. Visual aids will be helpful is attracting the attention and help further explain the concepts that I will be addressing like a picture of the chemical make-up, what possible symptoms Zyrtec treats, and a short time-line of the evolution of the drug. Aside from all of this, I will try to keep my tone and speed consistent to not distract from the point that I will be explaining. Hopefully this will be enough to alter the audience’s thoughts about a boring …show more content…

The podium provides a set place where I will stand, but I will have to make sure not to be rigid but instead appear natural is my posture. I plan to achieve this by keeping my arms gently folded on the podium. The projection screen is in the corner of the room along with the side wall, so for clarification I may have to walk over and actually point rather than using a laser because I do not feel comfortable in my ability to accurately point with that tool. Everyone should be able to a have a visual sight line from their seat to the podium, but my main obstacle will be over competing with the fan in the back of the room that gives off a very loud noise. I will have to project my voice outside of my comfort zone in order to ensure that everyone can clearly understand what I am saying. With this clear thought out process I should be able to engage the audience and keep their attention while remaining

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