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Hello! To begin with, I am Lizbeth Arias, a sophomore in you first period English class. I am 15 years old, being the youngest of 4. I have 2 older sisters and an older brother. All three of my siblings are attending a university. Two of them are studying for their bachelor's degree and my oldest sister has begun her master's degree. In total we are a family of six, including my parents. Being a student athlete is important to me, for it allows me to be involved with my school. Participating in extracurricular activities while keeping my grades up is something I want to accomplish. Since I love sports, I decided to join every season. Furthermore, I was born here in Rancho Mirage, no surprise there. Living in Cathedral City all my life, and never moving out of the Coachella Valley. First, I attended to Sunny Sands Elementary School and then James Workman Middle School. The schools I’ve attended to aren’t unique schools; however, I recall one incredibly unique teacher. My 5th grade teacher, Mrs. McGihon; a 5th grade teacher that didn’t just teach me but inspired me as well. She believed in us; seeing a light in everyone of us. Her dedication was phenomenal, for she would do everything she could to make us shine. Challenges were always thrown at me, difficult tasks were always assigned to me, and I never understood the true reasoning behind her thoughts. All she wanted was to see me strive; she knew I was far more capable of what it seemed. The moment I truly realized her

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