Automatic Chocolate Vending Machine (Avcm)

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ACVM Specifications
Alphanumeric keypad and Display * Alphanumeric keypad on the top of the machine. A child interaction with it when buying a chocolate. * Owner commands and interaction with the machine. Three line LCD display unit on the top of the machine. * Displays menus, entered text, pictograms, and welcome, thank messages, and time and date. * Child as well as the ACVM owner GUIs with the machine using keypad and display.
Coin insertion and delivery slots, and Internet port * Coin insertion slot so that the child can insert the coins to buy a chocolate * Delivery slot to
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* The coins for the chocolates purchased collect inside the machine in a collector channel, so that owner can get the money, again through appropriate commands using the GUI. USB wireless modem enables communication through Internet to the ACVM owner.

Design metrics * Power Dissipation: As required by mechanical units, display units and computer system * Performance: One chocolate in two minutes and 256 chocolates before next filling of chocolates into the machine.[Assumed] * Process Deadlines: Machine waits for maximum 30 s for the coins and machine should deliver the chocolate within 60 s. * User Interfaces: Graphic at LCD or touch screen display on LCD and commands by children or machine owner through fingers on keypad or touch screen. * Engineering Cost: US$ 50000 (assumed) * Manufacturing Cost: US$ 1000(assumed)

Details of multiple tasks * All 24 bits at three ports, Port_1, Port_2 and Port_5 are in reset state (0s) or reset on power-up.Besides being attached to mechanical subsystems, each of these ports give digital input bits to the ACVS being designed and receives the system output bits. * Mechanical subsystems also provide a facility, which helps when there are two or more coins of the same type. Thus, there can be a max of 8 total different points at each port. * Use of a semaphore, SemAmtCount is such that within a
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