Avoiding Conflict Between 'The Lady And The Tiger'

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Avoiding conflict is the superior choice because a wrong decision could be made or cause someone agony. Would you wish to make a wrong decision concerning a loved one, and, in the end, cause them pain? Avoiding conflict can be can have a greater outcome because by avoiding it, no one will be harmed and everything will stay peaceful. If a conflict is avoided, things can go much smoother and there will be no arguments. For example one time, I got in trouble with my mom for staying out later than I should have. I stayed there with her for over half an hour and argued with her about why I stayed late. At the end of the whole argument, my phone was taken up and I remained grounded from going out for two weeks. If I had just avoided the conflict of arguing with her, then I probably could have gotten off easy with a conversation of not staying out late. By arguing and making conflict, I earned more trouble for myself and dug a deep hole that I couldn't climb out of. …show more content…

In the story “The Lady and the Tiger”, a princess is forced to make a decision that will have an awful outcome either way for her and her loved one. She is forced to judge if her lover will die at the hands of a tiger or marry another woman and never see her again, “She had lost him, but who should have him? How often, in her waking hours and in her dreams, had she started in wild terror, and covered her face with her hands?” (Stockton). If the princess just avoided conflict then she would have never had to make a decision such as this. In conclusion, it is more desirable to avoid conflict. Avoiding conflict can prevent people from having more complicated lives and will be more peaceful. If you avoid conflict, then people will you more and you could get along with people

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