BSAD 205 Chapter 9 Case Study General Mills Warm Delights

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Brandi Clifford
BSAD 205 – Marketing
Jim Moes

Video Case 9 – General Mills Warm Delights; Indulgent, Delicious, and Gooey!

1. What is the competitive set of desserts in which Warm Delights is located?

The competitive set of desserts that Warm Delights is located in is baking mix products such as cake mixes, brownies, cookie mixes, etc. Indulgence treat desserts would also be a competitive set such as Little Debbie or Hostess snack cakes, ice cream or chocolate.

2. A. Who is the target market?

The target market is Women on the go with no children who want a small personal treat. The data revealed that this target market were the heaviest buyers of premium treats, this focused the team to advertise towards “her” and “What does she …show more content…

Is the cake isle ideal for this product because the average cake-aisle shopper is probably not browsing for an indulgent, single serve treat.

C. How did this affect the product’s marketing mix price, promotion, packaging and distribution decisions? Price: When compared to other single-serve indulgent treats, Warm Delights price of $2.00 closed matched competitors.

Promotion: The team used televised and store advertising.

Distribution: The team

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