Risk Management Questions Essay

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develop a methodology for quantifying risks, or should each situation be addressed individually? Can we have both a quantitative and qualitative risk evaluation system in place at the same time?

Yes, a quantitative and qualitative risk management system can be in place at the same time. Since the Space Shuttle Program is so large and complicated, it would be in their best interest to incorporate both quantitative and qualitative risk management evaluations together. Alone, neither system is sufficient in analyzing nor predicting all the risks involved in the program. It is the flaw of a qualitative system in that it relies too much on human opinion and instinct instead of concrete data, while a quantitative relies too heavily on …show more content…

3. How should risk quantification problems be resolved if there exist differences of opinion between the customer and the contractors?

Within a project, the project’s success and budget belong to and are the responsibility of the customer. The Customer should have the final say in regards to what is acceptable and unacceptable in regards to risk and the quantification of risk. It is however, the contractor’s responsibility to be the primary source of expertise on a project or what they are being contracted to do. The contractor should offer their opinion and recommendations, and the customer should take their contractors opinions and recommendations seriously due to their expertise in the area. Overall, collaboration between the customer and the contractor should be the ultimate way to resolve a matter of dispute. Members from both the customer and contractor side should meet discuss historical events, modeling and simulation to arrive at the appropriate answer. Also, with quantifying risk, the customer and the contractor should be able to go back and look at the data. With risk quantification, there should be very little room for opinion and judgment which should make it easy to base a decision or a resolution based on hard core data. If a solution or an answer is not able to be decided upon, a third party consultation

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