Bad Cows: Are We Good Or Bad?

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Some say treat others how you would want to be treated. That should go the same with animals. Would anyone want to eat an animal that had been treated poorly and suffered and was abused just so it can help someone's hunger? How would that make a person feel emotionally? Probably not too good. Some dairy's get shut down due to it being too dirty and other unhealthy reasons or they put them self's out of business due to their Cows getting hurt because there is a quote that says "A hurt Cow is a dead Cow". Cows are exactly like humans except they live outside and they smell much more! Some people may look at a Cows and say that’s nasty or that they smell and only look at them as a dumb animal that is a tasty food source. However scientist have done studies on Cows and found that they have feelings just like humans and they also worry about their future, feel pain, have emotions, they even have long memories they can also sense fear in a human too. So I'm going to be talking about how Cows abuse can be a big deal and what is considered abusive. The three main topics I'm going to be talking about how some slaughtering methods, living…show more content…
No one would want to know that so that’s why animals should be treated properly because animal abuse is just sad. If an innocent Cows is going to be killed just so it can be turned into hamburger, ribs, steak and sometimes even dog food it should at least not have a painful death. There are so many articles on how some people slaughter Cows in such inhumane ways, which isn't right. One article stated that the workers who just beat the Cows to death and laugh because they thought it was funny and then that Cows was sent off to become dog food so they didn’t get in trouble even though they did anyways. Just wait, what I'm going to be talking about next it's even worse than what I just got done talking about even though its all
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