Baking Is The Superior Method Of The Culinary Arts

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Baking and cooking are both very different but one takes the cake in my book and that 's baking, whether it be how the end result is much prettier, the comfort of less area to mess up, or that its revolved around sweet things than savoury, all these things contribute to baking being better than cooking! Though cooking is not an exact endeavor I think by comparing and contrasting the differences between baking and cooking many people can come to the conclusion that baking is better for cooking. Many would argue in favor of cooking but I’m here to argue for baking for a multitude of reasons. When one looks at these two methods, I think it’s important to look for meaning behind one’s own thoughts. Many of the things I’m arguing for here have a basis in some of the many things I’ve learned while doing both baking and cooking. Through looking at the benefits of pitfalls of both cooking and baking I think it’s easy to conclude that baking is the superior method of the culinary arts.
Firstly, the basis of baking ends up with a product that is much more visually appealing than in cooking. By cooking the food in a traditional sense often times the food can be processed in a way that though it may add to flavor, it detracts from the overall plates beauty. However, when we contrast this with baking, the process of baking allows for a meal or dish that looks inherently cohesive because of its cooking process. In essence, when looking at cooking you have elements that often times get
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