Ballarpur Industries Limited (Bilt) – Case Study

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Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT) – Case study
BILT- Organization of hope
BILT is a leading paper company in India and a part of Avantha Group, a global corporation with revenues in excess of US $ 4bn. In 2012, BILT completed 10 years (2002 – 2012) of its structured set of activities, projects and programmes as part of its formal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Bilt published its first Sustainability Report with specific focus on the Bhigwan manufacturing unit, in the year 2004-05 on nonfinancial performance. Report disclosed that a total of Rs. 52.15 lakhs were invested in the non-core business expenses where infrastructure and education were given top priority and
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Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainable Development Schemes
Activities and initiatives are planned specific to the needs of the target stakeholders - Employees, Customers, Communities, Regulatory authorities, Suppliers and Shareholders. The objective is to see that each business decision takes into account its social and environmental impacts and plans an intervention to address them.
“The long term sustainability of our business is dependent on three natural resources water, forest and fossil fuel. These resources if not replenished timely and properly could severely affect our core business. Paper industry also has a significant impact on environment and the community around. We need to manage our Environment, Health and Safety risks by taking proactive steps towards environment conservation and through the promotion of public-industry partnership.”
-Neehar Aggarwal, Sr. Vice President (Operations)
The prevention of HIV/AIDS programme constitutes under Workplace Health and Safety focus area of its CSR initiatives. According to official estimate 2.5 million people (National Family Health Survey, 2007) in India are infected with HIV. The epidemic is concentrated in six Indian states; BILT identified that it has its manufacturing locations in two high prevalent states of this prevailing global crisis and this constitutes one of the most formidable challenges at a

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