Barriers . A Barrier That Has Sparked Concern In A Career

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A barrier that has sparked concern in a Career and Technical education (CTE) program with students with disabilities is appropriate and reasonable accessibility from class to class. These physical barriers to academic services may include lack proper elevator or ramps within a multiple-storied structure as well as heavy doors and unreachable washroom essentials. Additionally, transportation to and from a CTE school may cause barriers. Students at the post-secondary level also experience difficulty in securing accessible students housing. Some schools are still inaccessible to students in wheelchairs or to those other mobility aides and need elevators, ramps, paved pathways and lifts to get in and around buildings. Accessibility …show more content…

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At my school, a magnet school with three (s) area of concentration might provide a rigorous curriculum that may not allow for trial and error or have little time for experimentation with student learning. It may have limited room for the use of different teaching style and methods, which can be an immense barrier to inclusion. The requirement for entry into the magnet school is according to the district policy. Students must be considered that have a minimum of 2.0 GPA; however, students must then maintain the required GPA for the magnet school which is 2.5 upon acceptance. For a special need student who have met the minimum district GPA requirement and is accepted, sometimes struggle with the high demand and rigorous learning environment. The resources available for a special needs child are provided, especially if they have an Individualized Education Learning Plan (IEP). Students tend to get behind in assignments if they’re pulled out of class for a considerable amount of time with their assigned SPED (Special Education) teacher. The rigor for the coursework and within the three magnet programs, provide instruction, educational requirements and expectations that are extremely academically challenging, intellectually, and personally challenging. A special needs student may not be as successful because of the many learning needs required for them to succeed. This environment sometimes may

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