Base Level Probation And Parole Case Study

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It is fundamental for students at University to be able to recognise a range of careers that are available to them upon graduation. Through reflecting on their existing knowledge about key concepts underlying the criminology and criminal justice system, students should be able to cultivate a broad understanding of jobs that are available, and the skills that they require. Through articulating a significant awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses, students should identify career paths that are most suitable to them. This purpose of this particular case study is to provide students with a better understanding of a base grade Probation and Parole Case Management position. This information was provided through necessary empirical research and interviews with relevant professionals involved in the selection and recruitment process of this position.…show more content…
The study will critically assess the role of a case manager, specific to the everyday expectations, interesting and challenging aspects, job stability and security, professional autonomy, accountability and
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