Batman Alternate Ending

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The day has finally come, the day where I have my potato tasting party with all of my most famous friends. The party is being held at the Bat Cave, and I need to leave soon so I can set things up. Once I arrived at the Bat Cave I was greeted by the most wonderful views. There were two waterfalls, one on each side of the entrance. Water was splashing up from every which direction making it feel like it was raining intensely. Once I entered I was greeted by Batman and his butler Alfred. “Hello,” said Batman with his deep dark voice. “Suh dude,” I said awkwardly. “Alfred will show you around” Alfred motioned me towards him and I started to follow. He led me around the entire Bat Cave, he showed me the sleeping quarters, the main headquarters, and the gigantic room where the party is being held. Once we were done headed back to…show more content…
Alfred replied, “I am just so busy right now.” Batman interrupted loudly, “DO IT ALFRED!” Alfred and I started setting up and finished just in time as the guests started to arrive. Seeing as there were already three of us here, there were only two more left to come, Donald Trump, and Peter Griffin. He was the first to arrive. He walked through the door and said with his big squeaky voice, “How’s everybody doing?” We all replied “Great.” “That's good,” he replied. Shortly after Donald Trump arrived and the potato tasting party could begin! We all gathered in the dining room and started tasting all the potatoes. We went around the big table counter clockwise and judged each potato as we tasted them. There were many different kinds of potatoes. There were cheesy, crunchy, gross, and colorful potatoes. We all started on the cheesy potatoes. “Pretty good!” I exclaimed. “Awesome!” Peter shouted. “Good,” Batman grunted. “Tasty,” Alfred said boringly. “I have lots of money,” Trump said questionably. We all moved on to the next kind of potato, crunchy. “It’s just a potato chip,” I
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