Beauty And The Beast Analysis

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Beauty and the Beast ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a traditional fairytale written by a French novelist named Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. It was published in 1740, and Walt Disney brought it to life in 1991. The animated fairytale is about a boastful prince who is very prideful; He loves himself more than he could ever love anything else. One night while the prince was having a party at the castle an old beggar walked in offering the prince a rose as a gift. but the prince did not want her there because she was low class and was not worthy of being in the castle. That night the prince and his castle’s servants fall under the spell of a wicked enchantress. The enchantress turned the prince into a hideous Beast until he can …show more content…

The Beast takes Maurice inside and locks him away. Belle goes looking for her father and finds him in the castle. When she is faced with the possibility of losing her father forever; Belle takes her father’s place as the beasts captive. By being held in the castle as a prisoner, Belle gives the servants hope of breaking the curse because she is the first human girl to enter the castle since the curse happened. During Belles time at the castle she bonds with the Beast. She gets to know him, in a way that nobody had ever gotten to know him before, the part of him that was caring and relatable. The Beast grew to not be prideful or selfish with Belle, he found himself eventually caring for her. The Beast and Belle had a long journey together, bonding with one another, becoming friends, which nobody had expected would ever happen. Although Belle did not admit it, the audience knew that Belle was falling for the Beast. I believe a major positive in the movie is how the director and the actors portrayed the scenes which really put in the perspective for the viewers to really read their emotions. It is a fairytale that was made relatable. The movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a must see. If you are not into animated movies then try the 2017 version of the movie which is an adaptation of the fairytale and is more life-like. Many people may see the movie as a “children’s movie” and although it is a Disney movie that may have originally been intended for

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