Becoming a Master Manager

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Becoming a Master Manager
Styles of Leadership in the Competing Values Framework
In order to be able to solve problems appropriately within a company, a manager has to be able to inspire others to work hard to accomplish important tasks. This process is called Leadership. To be successful in this area, the manager has to find a balance between task and relationship orientation. According to Kenneth Blanchard: “The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority”. Even though this sounds simple and understandable, it is quite complicated to act in an appropriate way in different situation. To be able to implement the appropriate behaviour, different styles have to be considered. This will be done in the following paragraphs.
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Compared to the innovator, this type of manager has more grip on planning and organizing. This means, that whenever there is a conflict, he is able to sit together and discuss the conflict. He is open for new ideas, to implement changes that will ensure proper communication flows.
What he does have to change, is his productivity insight. This type of manager tends to procrastinate and focus too much on motivation and inspiration. He has to become a skilled, serious and result focused manager. If he changes his attitude towards this direction, the communication flow in his department will improve significantly.

Communication problems within a company can be very disturbing especially for the controlling department. In the controlling department a coordinator manage projects, designing work, managing across functions etc. in order to maintain these points they have to be able to monitor in a proper way.
If there is a communication problem between the management department and the employees it means that the managers receive incorrect- or incomplete information. This can result in lower quality and inefficiency working methods. This can also de-stimulate the employees to communicate with the managers referring to improving points or new ideas.
In order to improve this, managers should show more interest in employees’ suggestions, improve the ease to communicate to the
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