Beginner English Lesson Plan: First Day of Class

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Beginner English Lesson Plan: First Day of Class
Note to teachers: With beginners, mime and movement are essential. Don’t worry if students cannot understand everything you say, speak slowly and use lots of body language to convey instructions. For beginners, understanding and conveying basic meaning is much more important than using perfect grammar. Encourage students to use any English they have available to get their point across. Remember, learning a language is not a linear process. Level: Beginner with some prior English Time: 1.25 hours Materials: Bring some everyday objects to class (preferably one for each student) choose a few things from different categories, like clothing, food, and household items. Also bring paper and pens
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This activity is meant for you to better assess the skill levels in the class. For this activity you are the observer, only prompt students if they seem stuck. Take mental notes of the grammar structures and the vocabulary that they use. If some students are much stronger than others remember them, you can use them for demonstrations and have them help others. For this activity put students in pairs. Have them ask and answer simple questions about themselves and their partners, let them ask any questions they can. Students are to get to know something about their partner. Next, have them find new partners. Student A will tell the new partner something about student B and visa versa; then everyone swaps partners and repeats the activity. Choose one of the more confident students to demonstrate a dialogue. Any photos or props you have available would be useful for this exercise. Introduce yourself and ask the student to do the same. Ask a simple question that the student will probably know or that you can mime for meaning. For example “Do you like …?” and hold up one of the food items. You can mime “I like” and “I don’t like” if the student doesn’t understand. Then grab another student and say “This is Nola, she likes ...” Follow with “Do you like…?” Put Nola with the other student and have Nola ask the second student another question. For example “How old are you?” Demonstrate this a few times by guiding students to ask and answer question then
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