Behavioral Health Issues Within Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment

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One of the most frequently reported behavioral health issues in inpatient psychiatric settings involves patient assaults (Perez, 2014). Increased occurrence of assaults can have a damaging impact on the life of psychiatric patients (Luckhoff et al., 2013). It presents a threat to the physical and psychological well-being of both psychiatric nursing staff and all patients present (Luckhoff et al., 2013). There are numerous studies showing assaults occurring amongst staff and patients hospitalized in inpatient units; however, there are limited resources for addressing patient-to-patient assaults (Luckhoff et al., 2013). This chapter reviews current studies and identifies available resources on patient-to-patient assaults in …show more content…

A search of several databases with patient assault literature using the date range from January 2010 to February 2017 was performed. The databases searched were CINAHL, ProQuest, and Medline using the terms patient assault, patient safety, patient-to-patient, psychiatric, geriatric, staff education, and nursing knowledge of assault. Initially, it generated 33 articles and results were narrowed down to 11 peer reviewed and research articles published from 2012 to 2017 that focused on patient assaults in inpatient facilities. Research shows that utilizing multiple search strategies for evidence-based practices reduces bias in evidence searches and provides a vast pool of resources for review (Atchan, Davis, & Foureur, 2016).
Methodologically, quantitative studies are highly structured and involve a systematic process to build knowledge (Hall & Roussel, 2014). The focus of the search was quantitative studies ranging from systematic reviews, experimental studies, case control studies, and randomized controlled trials using quantitative data and methodology. Additional search terms included the phrase “geriatric patients admitted on a psychiatric unit and cognitively impaired geriatric patients.” Exclusion criteria included non-English publications, non-peer reviewed articles, and abstract-only articles.
The tool utilized for grading the level of evidence of the articles was the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence Based Practice (JHNEBP) model, which

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