Behind the Internet Addiction Essay

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In Lewin's essay, “Study Finds Teenagers' Internet Socializing Isn't Such a Bad Thing” demonstrates the support that the writer states towards the amount of time teens spend on the Internet.
The essay caught my attention because it’s incredible to read about something clearly bizarre coming from a person that is not well informed about what the teens do exactly while on the Internet and what can be interpreted from the extra attention and usage of the Internet. Lewin states that the usage of Internet by teens does benefit them but, it is very rare that a person can make this kind of judgments based on so little proof. The essay she wrote is very contradictory to what she wants to get across Parents need to be aware of all the …show more content…

Teens addicted to being in constant navigation of the Internet only think about finding the chance of logging in and streaming the web. The teens, mainly students, have the tendency of using their cell phones during class time which prevents them from focusing on the lecture and for that they tend to fall behind. In the essay, Lewin supports the fact that teens are allowed to navigate the Internet and also states that teens are learning by participating with so much technology that will help them succeed
(Lewin). How can participating in such ways with the Internet and the socializing via electronically help them? It only makes them more dependent to the media and towards people less capable of socializing. The incapability of interaction with another being increases because they don't feel comfortable because they isolate to a world in which they can express their feelings freely and where they are not judge based on their looks. The expectations of always trying to be the best at something or look the best is not helpful at times; it’s the excuse that many parents have when asked why they let their children use the Internet so much. It’s not understandable how in what ways the Internet Faking a life that they are not living to the fullest makes it even harder for them to face the real world and to interact even with their families. Lewin exclaims that learning to navigate and use the Internet is a way that they keep

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