Being God Sent For The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

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being God sent for the gospel of Jesus Christ, one’s identity in Jesus Christ, and being made a disciple. Each is a demonstration of God accepting His people as being unworthy to be worthy for His glory. It is a blessing to be a designer original, because it resembles His image. It is in his image a person observes the spirit of holiness and the righteousness of God. The theology of preaching helps a person to recognizes the owner of the breath of life dwelling in one’s body. Likewise, God is willing to restore and revive those that have lost their lives to the secular world. God controls all matters of life. It is the individual choice to be made over by God. God is willing to shape, mold, and fill those purposing to surrender their all before Him. God is to be worshipped, praise, and glorified within a person’s body. Therefore, the role of preaching in ministry begins with self-examination and accountability to rightly divide the word of truth before God, not pleasing man, (2 Tim. 4:1-5, ESV). The passage of the Scriptures is clearly emphasizing the charges to Timothy as well as other church leaders. The author, Thomas Hale writes, “Paul gave five charges, preach the word, that is the gospel Jesus Christ, be prepared at all times, remain on duty; correct, rebuke and encourage.” Hale continues to write, “Timothy must preach the Gospel diligently, because the time will come when men will not accept the truth. People will listen only to what is interesting to them at the…
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