Knowing God 's Will And His Purpose And Plans For Our Lives

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Knowing God’s will and his purpose and plans for our lives as Christians in today’s society, The book knowing God’s Will is a reflection of our Christian journey for allowing God to use us. As God begins to direct our path daily it will show in our character in our morals, in how we relate to other, in our pray life, a real desire to love all people, our personality will be a representation of the Lord, the way walk is different, the way and talk differently.As I read the book Knowing God’s will, I have gained a better understanding of how God wants me not to be. The book spoke about the critical concerns, types of decision we face each day as Christian; the book has stepped by step guidance in scripture, to help us to understand better what our purpose is on this earth. Furthermore, critical concerns that many Christian have is wondering where.s God’s audience and what is his plans for them, people are not sure how to respond to God’s demands for doing his will. Therefore, we look for our purpose on this earth, for God is to use us according to his glory and will. However, as Christians, we are finding ways to understand better what’s purpose and his expectation for his children, in our Christian walk. Consequently, my understanding of each

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