Being Healthy Can Help With Self Esteem And The Brain

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Being healthy can help with self-esteem and the brain. The body can function accurately and properly. With a high rising cases of obesity and health problems across America, it’s important pay attention to the body. It’s important to learn how to be healthy. What are the steps to be one happy healthy person? Maintain a diet or eat healthy food. Choosing wisely on food intake and the time of day. Eating vegetables and fruits. Form a habit and break the bad habit of eating junk food and drinking sugary drinks. At first, it’s enjoyable eating it but its only empty carbs and too much sugar intake. It’s easily to crash at the end of the day, sugar don’t last long in the body. Peanuts, cashews, and walnuts are all good source of healthy fat. Processed foods are just as bad. Eat fresh and cooked food instead. Always read the labels to avoid too much salt, sugar, and fat. Also trans-fat and saturated fat. It’s easy to intake a lot of calories but hard to work them out. The food pyramid is a great way to keep on track. A food log is too another way to control eating. Limit the control of red meat. One to two serving of low fat diary or soy milk. Five to eight glasses of water. One to two serving of eggs and fish. One to two serving of nuts and seeds. Four to eight serving of whole grain. Three to six serving of vegetables. Lastly, two to four serving of fruit. Be creative with food, try green juice for vegetables and fruit together. Drinking water it’s the most significant thing to

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