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Based on Assignment 2 about Carbohydrates, I realized that I need to eat more grains such as bread, noodle, rice and eat more vegetable such as broccoli, beans, and artichokes. After worked through all the questions and calculated the card intake, I did not meet the RDA’s recommendation. My carb intake was 54%, which is less than the recommendation (55-65%). Also, I only consumed 9.92 grams of fiber a day, that’s meant I did not meet the recommendation to consume at least 25-35 grams of fiber a day. Now, I know the reason my body always feel weak and my skin is not looking healthy. I read an article on the PubMed website with the title “ A Systematic Review of Methods for Increasing Vegetable Consumption in Early Childhood” written by …show more content…

I also realized that the portion of fruit and vegetable I has been intake everyday is not enough. I need to include more vegetable and fruit as well as grains in my meals. Eating real vegetable/ fruit is providing enough vitamins that needed for the body. I used to take vitamins pills to provide the vitamins that missing in body and forgot that vegetable or fruit are also the best source for vitamins. I realized so many good things and I have learned many good lessons in this class that will be helpful for me in the future. I live by myself at the apartment, also I have to work and go to school at the same time. Sometimes I do not have time to cook; so I usually buy fast food to eat on the way home from work and do not pay attention to what am I intake from the food. Now, I can eat fast food like burger, chicken nuggets, French fried and still be healthy, because I will buy vegetable/ fruits and leave it in the refrigerator. Plus, I can marinate the meat ahead of time and put it in the freezer, so when I feel hungry I can cook it right away. Another thing is I can prepare the meal for the whole week and divide the portion of vegetable, meat and carb in a box. That’s way my body will intake enough vitamins a day and also I do not need to spend too much time on cooking. Eating healthy in a right way not only provides nutrients and vitamins for my body but it also help my body prevent from many diseases. Eating healthy will make

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