Being a Teen and Pregnant

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Being a teen and pregnant isn’t easy now on. Got pregnant unexpectedly at a young age. Still in high school and not working when she got pregnant. A year had pass. A man that she need to call a father didn’t give her enough support and kicking her out of the house after knowing that she was pregnant. Damn that father doesn’t have a heart if he deserve to be call a dad. In the other hand, the ex-boyfriend parents was also a pain in the butt for her, the baby and the baby’s daddy. Her father and the parents of the baby’s daddy thought that the first option to take was abortion. They wanted her to abort the baby because she was too young and didn’t have a financial support to raise the baby. There was nothing more isolating that being pregnant at a young age in a society that everywhere is judgment and the first option that comes to their mind is abortion. In the night after prom was a wild night, where common teenager in New York City experienced the celebration party before graduation in their senior year of high school. A night where they think that they have become an adult because they had reach to the end of high school and going to a different world which is college. A night where everyone looks sophisticated and elegant, the girl with long and cute dresses, high heels, hair done and makeup all around. The boy with an elegant suit, combine with his prom date dress, black, sparkly and brilliant shoes. A night where everybody looks different. A night that she won’t

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