Benefits Of Animal Experimentation

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Animal Experimentation is when researchers use non-human test subjects in their testing to see if products are safe prior to human and endangered animal use. Animal experimentation can also involve tracking behavior in animals after researchers give them substances. The use of animals in experimentation should be allowed because it can further knowledge on how to cure cancer and it is crucial for large scale epidemics.

Animal testing can advance our understanding on how to treat tumors. Medical researchers, “thank the work of scientists and physicians at Duke University, an experimental new treatment for glioblastoma multiforme, or GBM--an aggressive tumor that kills about 12,000 people in the U.S. each year--is saving the lives of patients …show more content…

According to Trull, “to beat Ebola as we've overcome other global epidemics, officials must preserve access to animal research. Cures for this deadly pathogen--and thousands of lives--depend on it” (Trull, 2015). If official do not reserve the access to animal research we will never know if we can cure other contagious disease that come in the future. Trull states that, “Animal research is vital to the study of disease, and it is the primary reason why scientists have hope that they'll be able to cure Ebola and other emerging infectious diseases” (Trull, 2015). This shows that continued use of animals for experimentation can help cure epidemics which can help save thousands of lives in the process. Without using animals for research for disease cure, we may never know the side effects of such remedies. Even if animals are the key to the study of pandemics others may argue that animals should not be used for …show more content…

According to Statistics “In the U.S., more than 100 million animals are tortured due to animal experimentation practices--classified as any testing that is likely to induce pain or suffering among creatures” (Yashiki.C, 2016). This proves that researchers may go to any means necessary, even at the expense animals to achieve results. However this may be true researchers sacrifice animals for research, they could be helping animals in the process. According to researchers, “wild primates including chimpanzees and gorillas are extremely susceptible to Ebola, with fatality rates as high as 95 percent. The Ebola virus has killed as many as one-third of the world's gorillas and chimpanzees in the past few decades in Central Africa. If scientists were to discover a cure for the deadly virus, they could conceivably save the lives of wild apes--many of whom are endangered” (Trull.F, 2015). This shows that animal researchers may find the cure for Ebola while sacrificing their test subjects. In doing so, they could also help the animals that are being used in the research process.

The use of animals for biomedical experimentation should be allowed for medical research and advancement of human health. It can help us further our knowledge in cancer research and treatment and help us find cures to new epidemic/diseases. Animal testing is one of the keys to curing cancer in humans. It is the

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