Benefits Of Being A Bachelor Degree Essay

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Introduction Americans are always trying to live better than the next person, have more materialistic items, along with being seen as successful. People are creatures of habit and we always want to do better than the generation before us. But that has required the average person to work harder with longer hours. Education is essential, but to what level is it important? Having a bachelors degree used to be the norm, but as society changes and people’s perceptions change, one needs to at least one graduate degree with some specialized training or certifications. With more education, it can quickly changing the paths of how people are placed into managerial roles. With all that being said, when is one to have time for leisure activities, family, and relaxation? How do we fit all this into a day when work requires at least 8 hours of our time, not to mention some people who commute? Commuting can lead to additional time away from our daily life. When one thinks of work-life balance, one needs to determine what that means for them. Each person has an opinion of areas that are more and less important, but this is where it needs to fit the individual. “Work-Life Balance is not a problem to be solved. It is an issue to be managed,” according to Jim Bird, CEO of (Bird, n.d.). The best way for companies to assist the employee achieve a work-life balance is through work-life training programs. Success at work is just a portion of work-life balance.
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