Benefits Of Technology In Education

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In the world of education, there are always new strategies and tools to help promote student motivation, engagement, and learning. It is important to find ways to reach all students who have unique needs and learning abilities. Not only has technology changed the world, but has created new tools that can be incorporated into the classroom to bring learning to life. There are new forms of communication, research, interactive resources, tools, and activities that incorporate technology into lessons that promote student engagement and learning. Some teachers are hesitant to abandon their traditional teaching methods and to embrace technology. It is important for teachers to recognize the benefits and possibilities that incorporating …show more content…

The teacher does not have to abandon all of their instructional strategies to use technology in the classroom, instead the teacher can add forms of technology into their instruction. When implementing technology, the teacher should first plan the lesson objectives and what the teacher wants the student to learn in the lesson, then integrate different forms of technology that can be used to help students reach the objectives or learning goals of the lesson. (Article 3 digital)
Technology allows teachers to provide differentiated instruction to students. While traditional methods such as lectures and reading the textbook work for some students, these methods do not take into consideration the individual needs of a student or incorporate multiple learning styles and differentiated instruction. Hick states, “The prevalence of technology in everyday life has shifted students, in turn, may not respond well to traditional teaching methods that focus mainly on lecture and textbook reading.” It is important for teachers to bring the information students are learning to life and to create connections between the content and the students. In the area of teaching social studies, there are tons of reading and documents that students can study to learn more about a time period. Many students need to make meaning of the reading and need to interact with the material. The use of technology changes this

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