Students Analyze Emerging Technologies Designed Reduce Barriers For Learning And Encourage Both Glocal ( Global And Local ) Perspectives

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Students analyze emerging technologies designed to reduce barriers to learning and encourage both glocal (global and local) perspectives. Students will identify two or three emerging educational technologies and discuss the following for each one:


As an educator, one might acknowledge that there are several technologies that are asserting their way into mainstream education. Since the emergence of technology use in the classroom, learning technology can be found in every discipline imaginable.
It is the institution and or the educator through their own practices, persist in insufficient profession growth development, a reluctance to accept the use or need for digital literacy that limit the smooth assimilation of new …show more content…

According to Craig Lloyd (2013) “mobile traffic will surpass desktop traffic” (Lloyd, 2013). In November 2016, Mike Murphy reported that “more websites were viewed on mobile devices and tablets than desktops for the first time ever that month” (Murphy, 2017). Tablets. Tablets make it easy for students to be able to carry computing devices from class to class. Tablets have provided effortless access to research information and data, access school textbooks, online course material, and even check on individual grades. Once considered essential as part of a modern and progressive educational setting, computer labs almost seem redundant, schools and universities have begun to rethink the need for computer labs with the introduction of tablets. In this way, class time spent in computer labs have been reduced or even eliminated and bulky backpacks have been reduced in weight. In addition, Saga Briggs (2013) “estimates that the second most downloaded app out of 70 billion will be educational apps” (Briggs, 2013 ). Subsequently, downloading and having access to apps allows students to personalize their learning environment with access to all the resources and tools on a single device. With a growing amount of features provides a portal to other educational technologies.

Technology Pro’s and Con’s
Cloud Computing. Pro’s. According to Priya Viswanathan (2015) ‘Cloud computing is probably the most cost efficient method to use, maintain and upgrade. The cloud

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