Benefits Of Using Hybrid Golf Clubs

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Golf clubs started as handcrafted clubs made of wood. They were simple, rudimentary designs. Once golf became popular and the technology advanced golf clubs were taken from a simple piece of wood to a highly engineered piece of equipment. Eventually their would be a set of standard set of clubs to have in a bag including a fairway wood, driver, irons, wedges, and putters. As with the rise of each of these clubs, a new club is designed to fill the gaps. Hybrid golf clubs originated out of a necessity for a club that could combine the forgiving nature of a fairway wood and the accuracy of an iron. First referenced as utility clubs, hybrids are a relatively new addition to a golfers bag. The design was crafted so a golfer could hit the ball …show more content…

Charles T. Myers golf course in Harrisburg, North Carolina is an 18 hole public golf course. The golf course is named after a former County Commissioner of Mecklenburg County. A unique design of the Charles T. Myers is that the golf course is built upon an old Mecklenburg County landfill. The course is managed by Ratcliffe Golf Services on behalf of Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department. The course has had some improvements over the years because of conditions related to being built on a landfill. There are numerous venting construction incorporated on the golf course to control the buildup of explosive gases. Also, a few fairways in the past have sunk in and required some new grading. Ratcliffe Golf Services has improved the course since taking over the management and operations of the course. The County did a good job in turning a once wasted area of land into something that people can enjoy now if you like to play golf. Ratcliffe Golf Services manages every aspect of the course from clubhouse to course improvements. Ratcliffe Golf Services even added an Impact Performance Golf Learning Center where players can come and practice on the range as well as get instruction on learning the game of golf. There is a fee to join the Learning Center and you get quite a bit of extras as part of the price. You can view the price of Learning Center by clicking here. Players playing Charles T. Myers have the option of riding or walking. There

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