Essay on Benefits of Working in a Group Activity

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Team participation is what gets us through life. Without actively working with others, we would never be able to get ahead. When you are actively participating in an activity with a team; you tend to make many friends. We all have needs as defined by Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. One of these needs is self-esteem. Once you make friends, you will feel comfortable participating with them. This, in turn, builds up your self-esteem. Self-esteem is defined as regarding one-self with high value. When you are doing something with people you can trust, you will work harder to get better. “When you are satisfied with what you have achieved, you have reached a high level of self-esteem” says Nicole Moran of the American High School Swim Team. …show more content…
“Volleyball keeps me in shape and gives me a healthier lifestyle” says Lourgem Fandora, Captain of the American High School Girl’s Volleyball Team. With the help of your teammates you can set personal fitness goals. Your teammates will be there along the way to help you attain these goals. Not only that, a true teammate will also help you maintain your level of wellness if not improve it. “My girls are constantly working harder to get better and better. The sky is the limit” says Coach Nicolas Toro, American High School Girl’s Volleyball Coach. One can never be too good. There is always room for improvement. Your teammates shouldn’t be your opponents; but a little friendly competition is very helpful. Your teammates inspire you to improve your skill level in many ways. One way is that they can motivate you and cheer you on. Another way is by showing you that you aren’t the best. For instance, an artistic gymnast just nailed a floor routine. Then another gymnast comes and does much better than the one before him/her. The first gymnast will be inspired to work harder to get them the next time. Again, you should never work against your teammates; just challenge them and yourself to become better players as a whole. Have you ever heard of the saying “Monkey see, Monkey do?” Well that same principle applies to team activities. Members of the team tend to repeat the actions of other members. If a group of members decides to develop a pattern of tardiness to
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