Berezovskaia Tatiana, 215143944. Adms 3930 U. Winter 2017

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Berezovskaia Tatiana, 215143944
ADMS 3930 U
Winter 2017
Midterm assignment
Case Company K The three managerial practices that were responsible for Dylan’s incident and the contract are Company K’s organisational structure, organisational culture and lack of sufficient information within the organisation. Regarding organisational structure, it is evident that the centralised form of organisational administration significantly contributed to the issue at hand since all branches had to take orders from the Japanese headquarters hence lacking the autonomy to make any business decisions on their own. The lack of autonomy to make decisions is clearly the reason for the issue since Dylan was …show more content…

1. Centralised Organisational Structure
The centralised organisational structure at Company K was primarily responsible for the issue that involved Dylan and the contract in various ways. Through the centralised organisational structure, decisions within the organisation run from the top to the bottom hence the Canadian branches in both Toronto and Vancouver unable to make decisions on their own but rely on instructions from Japan. Thus, all business activities had to be based on the headquarters in Japan for decision making. Therefore, the branch and operational managers in the respective Canadian and US branches lacked the autonomy to make decisions on their own. The lack of autonomy to make decisions was the primary reason that made Dylan on the contract issue.
In the course of his working, his Vancouver office landed a project and Joseph was made the project manager while Dylan was the contact person with the client. However, while designing, it was discovered that the design had a technical issue and had to be corrected within a week. Due to the centralised nature of the organisation, the revisions had to be sent to Japan to get approved by the top management. Dylan had promised his clients that the process of revising the design would take a period of one week. However, since the top management had to physically approve the project, the process of shipping the design caused a

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