Bingo Case Study Essay

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Getting deeper into the depth of the facility I was allowed to work with the CNA’s and RA’s. I also learned how to help with everyday needs that some of the elderly might need. I also helped lead an activity; the activity of this night was bingo. I could tell from the start that calling bingo was going to be a big deal for these residents, because some of the residents were complaining that a volunteer was doing it. I started off really slow to make sure they could keep up because they are older, there was about 18 people that came down. They ended up getting angry with me simply because I was not reading off the numbers fast enough. They ended up teaching me how to play different types of bingo, such as black out, railroad tracks, and block the free space. I personally …show more content…

I have asked the administrator if she could get me numbers about turn over rates, the average death rate, and the average pay rate of a resident that lives here. To start of the Glenwood has a very high turnover rate, it is said that they have 3 employees quit every 3 months, which means they lose an employee at least once a month. This is due to there being no benefits and the average pay rate for a CNA here is 9.75, an RA gets paid 9.25, thus it is hard to keep good employees with low pay and low incentives, resulting in a high turnover rate here. Paige S, states that the average CNA’s pay rate is $11.56, it also says that the pay rate will change according to location and the amount of care given at the facility. The overall average time a person will stay and work in a place like this is only 21 months, which is very low, and it is due to the same reasons that I have stated above. However the work here is not too difficult because most of the residents are able to do everyday tasks, they are usually there for emergencies, and to help pass medications for the people that are not able to do it for

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