Germany 's Production And Consumption Of Biodiesel

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In many international countries, Europe is the prime continent that is in lead in the production and consumption of biodiesel. Because Europe is governed by the European Union, their policy was rethought due to costs of food supply and carbon dioxide statistics. The “European Union proposed a 5.75% cap on the fraction of fuel that is biofuel.” (“Europe”) The policy changed to “ensure sustainable production and environmental responsibility, provide enhanced trade between EU member states, and support research and innovation”, (“Europe”) which are some of the new parts of the biofuel strategy. These policies are also looking into new taxation directives and biomass plans. Today, Germany is the top leading country in the production of biodiesel, producing 2,859 millions of liters per year. Germany has made a huge commitment in trying to increase the use of renewable energy, which Is why they are leading the production of biodiesel. Before this Germany relied on oil 90% of the time, however now, “Germany government supports biofuel production and environmental responsibility through the legislations.” (“Europe”) Germany supports renewable energy directive started by the EU, and has also started tax incentives for biodiesels, as well as set obligations for various regions in producing biomass. Since 2015, Germany’s legislation “resulted in a drastic improvement of climate performance of biodiesel production.” (Beckman) “Mineral oil sellers need to now reduce greenhouse gas

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