Biometric Authentication And A Safe Deposit Business

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This report is to discuss the possible introduction of Biometric Authentication to the Dynamic Safe Deposit business. The report will go over the possible use of Finger Vein or Facial Recognition technologies, a comparison of the technologies and a recommendation for the company’s future selection. A GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION SYSTEMS A Biometric authentication is the process of verifying if a user or the identity of a user is who they claim to be; using digital biological information of the user. Such pieces of information include finger vein scans, finger prints (ink) and face scans. This information would be compared to a known database of information where the security team can correctly identify and verify the…show more content…
Because vein patterns are uniquely located beneath the user’s skin and that must have blood flowing readily through them to be scanned, they are almost impossible to copy or change. This means that the a finger vein scan would be a very useful and unique way to identify users on our system and at the same time a very portable method with the size of some of the scanners today. The customer would approach our security team with their deposit box key. The customer would place their finger in our finger vein scanner. The finger vein scanner uses LED lights to scan the veins inside the customer’s finger beneath the skin. The system will compare the scan to pre validated scans taken from the customer previously and verify that the customer’s scan is correct. This useful diagram shows the customer placing their finger on the scanner being scanned by the LED lights and CMOS sensor. (2) Vein Scan – See references Our Deposit Box customer database would contain all the customers’ details as per normal; but also have this unique biometric finger vein scan information. The customer must provide an identical match to be approved to enter the deposit box area. FACE BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM Face recognition is the authentication by analysing specific features that are common to everyone 's face. These features can be the distance between the customers eyes, the width of customers the nose, the position of
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