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Biometrics is described as the use of human physical features to verify identity and has been in use since the beginning of recorded history. Only recently, biometrics has been used in today’s high-tech society for the prevention of identity theft. In this paper, we will be understanding biometrics, exploring the history of biometrics, examples of today’s current technology and where biometrics are expected to go in the future.
By definition, “biometrics” (Woodward, Orlans, and Higgins, 2003) is the science of using biological properties to identify individuals; for example, fingerprints, retina scans, and voice recognition. We’ve all seen in the movies, how the heroes and the villains have used other’s fingerprints and …show more content…

European Biometrics Forum is established. US patent for iris recognition expires.

Biometrics began with the inking of the fingers and feet and pressing those inked parts onto paper. Today, law enforcement agencies are able to utilize biometric tools on the molecular level to pinpoint criminals when no other evidence exists. In between these two extremes fall a whole range of techniques used for identification.
The most basic of the techniques is the fingerprint and palm recognition. These methods, while strong, still have their weaknesses. This led to looking for next level of identification just under the skin by mapping the vascular structure of a person’s hand. Each person has a unique, intricate pattern of blood vessels that is virtually impossible to replicate since blood vessels have to be grown and cannot constructed. Another method of biometric identification is through dental records. Dental records are commonly used to identify a human by comparing the dental features (i.e., tooth size and placement, dental work, oral injuries, etc.) and whose identity cannot be determined through conventional means. Such situations would include a person who’s been burn, been dismembered, or has severely decomposed. This method of identification has taken on such an important role that “Disaster Dental Identification Teams” have been developed to assist with identification following disaster situations.

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