Black Swan Events: Global Emergency Management Essay examples

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As emergency management leaders for the 21st century, we need to develop new risk assessment and management models to factor in the “unthinkable” globally impacting ‘black swam’ type events, using satellite imagery, and all the other technology and resources available to better enable us to forecast and plan for these type of events, with the view to minimize their impacts. These technologies should be globally linked, like a global warning system similar to a Tsunami early warning system. According to Mileti there several things that can be done to facilitate this paradigm shift in thinking in leadership in emergency management. He is of the view that there needs to be an adaptation of a global systems perspective in addressing …show more content…

By virtue of the fact that these events are able to disable entire systems, nationally, regionally or worst globally a gigantic collaborative effort by all countries is required to address these issues.

How can this be done?

There needs to be a paradigm shift on several fronts. Firstly there needs to be shift in the education system, where leadership is taught separately from the principles of management and this needs to be translated as seen particularly at the strategic levels of leadership especially as it relates to emergency management. Emergency management leadership should adopt a global system perspectives paying special attention to social forces and their role in amplifying hazards and disasters. This new approach must foster long term thinking and planning for the reduction of losses in lives and infrastructure for present and future generations. These plans must be reviewed and adjusted as the environment and situation changes to ensure sustainability. Emergency management should be a mandatory component for any type of territory education for all aspiring leaders. This approach will increase future leaders and managers knowledge about the subject matter and encourage a greater appreciation of their role in this very integrated process of emergency management, thus making the job of emergency managers in terms of acquiring the needed resources to execute our jobs somewhat less

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