Blair Water Purifiers India

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. ABSTRACT Blair Company Inc. was founded by Eugene Blair in 1975. The company’s mission is to provide equipment that will meet the needs of its target market in terms of filtration and purification of water for having high quality water. As part of the organisational goal, the company is also aiming to enter international market to be able to be known in both local and international level and position itself in the global competition. As part of the geographic expansion of the company, they are trying to produce innovative products to meet future needs in terms of water purification and filtration. Rahul Chatterjee, one of the company 's international market liaisons, had made two fact-finding trips to India to survey the Indian market…show more content…
Sharing of the risks The company may experience problems with establishing work, rules, policies and strategies Faster knowledge of the market STRENGHT & WEAKNESSES OF REJECTED COURSE OF ACTION Acquisition STRENGHTS WEAKNESSES Investment may be lower than Joint Venture entry Greater Economical and Political risks Complete control over the company operations Would be considered and observed as “foreign” No share of Profits The previous Company name should still be associated to the new company Not enough knowledge of the market IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CHOSEN ACTION • Increased control over all marketing alternatives: in this way the company could consolidate the market and stimulate a tremendous growth • Take advantage of Indian partner’s expertise: having a better knowledge of the environment it would be easier to identify the need in the targeted market • Sharing of the risks: Blair Company should not take all the important decision all by itself • Faster knowledge of the Market: an insider of the market we are operating in is always a source of new discovers and development • Profits are shared: The personal economical growth in terms of profits would be lower than with an acquisition • Potential for

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