Brazil Under Lula: Off the Yellow Bric Road Essay examples

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Question 1:

1. Situation Analysis
Brazil is being considered as a growing economy. In fact the country, one of the BRIC nations is seen by analyst of Goldman Sachs as one of the five nations that will be at the top of all nations with regard to a country`s GDP (The Goldman Sachs Group Inc., 2007). To understand Brazil`s current situation and how the country may be able to grow out of this position as a global player in the near future aiming a better globalization of the country by the year 2050, one has to see Brazil within a bigger frame. Within this frame, actions taken have to be integrated into the five obstacles Brazil currently faces.

1.1. The five obstacles Brazil has to overcome (Brazil Cost)
There are five obstacles
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The key for an even higher growth rate is to challenge the country`s way of operation. Thus Brazil can be seen as a country of the future. Even though the country has to find its place within the BRIC nations. By comparison with the other nations, it can be seen that Brazil is considered to be the weakest nation. Given the fact that globalization can be seen as the future for every country (Naim, 2009), also Brazil will be able to take a stance of defining the nation`s globalization strategy with a thorough plan of actions.
BRIC nations are defined as becoming the largest economic bloc in the world by 2050. The foundation therefore among other aspects lies in the population of these countries. Brazil has a population of 186 million (in 2006) people. Further can be seen that the human development index (in 2003) can be found at 0.792, which is following Russia the highest index.
In addition should be noted that the latest government practices a democracy steered towards globalization. This democracy as well allowed more privatization. Another way of seeing the ‘global’ Brazil, is by acknowledging Brazil`s major industries regarding its exports.
Seeing these factors as a foundation for Brazil to become an economic leader in the future, the nation still has to work its way there. Hence are there a few issues Brazil has to get a hand on. So is for example the
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