Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

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Breakfast is the Most Important meal of the Day
Thirty-one million Americans skip breakfast every morning.The body is a well-oiled machine. In Order to run smoothly, you have natural levels in your body that need to be replenished. Glucose and glycogen are needed to be replaced. As well as the cortisol levels need to go down, in order to have the body ready for the day. (Ivy) Breakfast sets the body up for the day and should be eaten every day. After hours of sleeping the body needs to be regenerated to set up for the day, by restarting the body’s natural levels.
Academics, school behavior, as well as social interaction are highly connected to breakfast eating. Several studies done by the department of the National Institutes of Health found that 68.4% of children aged 9-15 who did not eat breakfast before taking a state test had decreased scores and concentration compared to eating a nutritional meal prior. (Adolphus)
It is obvious that eating breakfast increases test scores and grades in all grades. 68.4% of kids grades went down when not eating breakfast that is undeniable. Hundreds of surveys can confirm and agree with these results. “Twenty-nine schoolchildren were tested throughout the morning on 4 successive days, having a different breakfast each day (either of the cereals Cheerios or Shreddies, glucose drink or No breakfast). A series of computerized tests of attention, working memory and episodic secondary memory was conducted prior to breakfast and again 30, 90,
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