Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding

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Making the decision to become parents is one of the biggest, most important decisions a couple will make as a unit. Pregnancy can be one of the first, biggest decisions that parents make together as a unit. After the first step, the decisions do not seem to halt. For instance, the room décor, the name, the religion, the school, are all really big decisions that will be made and will impact the child. Some of those decisions are more important than others, but one of the most important decisions with infants is deciding between breastfeeding versus bottle feeding and the Lifespan Development book along with the NY Times and The Guardian do a great job of showing the importance of the decision. Many women find it hard to consider the options …show more content…

Along with the New York Times, The Guardian agrees in the notion that breastfeeding, “helps protect infants from infection and other diseases,” such as gastrointestinal infections, respiratory tract infections, asthma, and middle ear infections(guardian)(137) Nutrient needs are arguably the most important thing an infant can have, another being maternal influences. The Lifespan Development book agrees with both online articles in that “the importance of receiving adequate energy intake and nutrients in a loving and supportive environment cannot be overstated.”(137) Breastfeeding gives infants the nutrients they need to survive and protect their bodies until they are of age and are able to receive nutrients from other sources of …show more content…

These outcomes may not be important to everyone when considering the health of their infant, but lessening the risk of certain cancers and illnesses are potentially important to everyone. One important issue when trying to interpret the importance of breastfeeding versus bottle feeding are the variables including “race, socioeconomics, and education.”(nytimes) Both the book and The New York Times relay the message that “women who breastfeed are wealthier, older, more educated, and likely more health conscious than their bottle feeding counterparts,” which explains why “breastfed children are

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