Brief Summary Of The Book 'Perception' By Kim Harrington

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“Perception” is part of a series from the author Kim Harrington. This book is the second in a series called Clarity novels. This book is focused on one main character, Clare Fern, with a lot of supporting characters that build a story of suspense with heart-warming issues in an abnormal situation. In the end, “Perception” deals with many issues that girls face and it throws in a creepy twist to make the book impossible to put down. Clare is the main protagonist that dominates the story through her gift to see the past through touching objects. Clare has curly red hair with freckles and is brave and kind-hearted. She is also funny and clever, which helps her get through difficult situations. “I figured there wasn’t any harm in telling him. “To Sierra Waldman’s house. To see if I can pick up on anything.” (Harrington 143) The two main antagonists are Tiffany and Mr. Rylander. Tiffany is one of the meanest and popular girls at Eastport High. “Tiffany looked back at me, sharply. “ Where is your shadow?” (Harrington 169) Mr. Rylander is the science teacher at their school who ends up being a killer in his free time. “Rylander grinned wickedly. “ I am going to kill her for you.”(Harrington 263) The setting in this book is Eastport, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. Clare’s family has their own family business, Readings By The…show more content…
It was very detailed and complex but not so much that you would get lost or confused in the story.,“Before I could turn, strong arms wrapped around me from behind, and a damp rag was clamped over my mouth.” This quote shows how intense the story is. “He’d blown into my life like a hurricane, turned me upside down, challenged me at every turn. And, together, we sparked like lighting.” This shows that is was also a love story in the end with Clare and Gabriel. “Perception” was everything I had hoped it would be when i picked this
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