Brilliant Mathematicians from History Shape Math of Today

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Mathematicians not only play an important role in society today, but all the brilliant math minds from the past helped shape every mathematical theory we know, study, and learn today. Math is used every single day, in every continent, every country, every state, and every city. It is the way we solve everyday problems. It is the way we calculate the distance from sun to earth, the way we determine amount of miles one drives from their home to work, the way we estimate our grocery bill before approaching a register, the way we figure out the probability of failing or passing a test, it is the way we as humans approach, solve, and conclude problems we face day in, and day out. There are a various amount of languages spoken to communicate in our world today, but math is one that people from all different parts of planet earth understand, and use for the same purposes. Mathematicians are in a way, unsung heroes, without their discoveries, we would be lost, confused, and not nearly as intelligent. Gauss was one of those heroes. Carl Freidrich Gauss was a German mathematician and a physical scientist also known as the “Prince of Mathematics”. He was born on April 30th, 1777 in Brunswick, Germany and was born to poor, working class parents. His mother was illiterate and his father was a gardener/brick layer. His father did not want Gauss to attend school, he wanted him to stay in the family business; but fortunately for him, his mother and uncle recognized his early talents as

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