Bringing It Back Home Analysis

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The United States’ School System’s main importance is to prepare students for what comes after school. Not only do students need to know basic skills such as reading and writing, they also need to know how to overcome diversity. Contrary to some beliefs, not all skills can be taught in a classroom and U.S. students should not be compared to students in other countries as policy makers try to do. “How important is cultural diversity at your school?” talks about how school employees and parents can help students learn how to function in multicultural, multiethnic environments. This skill can benefit students greatly since the Census Bureau estimates the minority population will become the majority population by the year 2100. So schools are having to be proactive in acknowledging diversity. New teachers are being taught ways to adapt to the cultural differences in the classroom, but some have also stated that their training has not helped with these challenges. One way for teachers to…show more content…
Some aspects of that include asking questions about the education his or her child and minority children are receiving, making sure the school is achieving AYP, and express concern when he or she sees something they believe is not correct. There are also several other questions that a parent can ask listed in the article. The next article titled “Bringing It Back Home” focuses on three main arguments. The first argument is “Policymakers are not correct in concluding-based on international tests- that U.S. students are failing to make progress in mathematics and reading.” The second argument states “It is extremely difficult to learn how to improve U.S. education from international test comparisons.” And lastly, “Focusing on U.S. states’ experiences is more likely to provide usable education policy lessons for American schools than are comparisons with higher-scoring
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