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Indicate your answer to each of the following questions by highlighting your choices. Each correct answer is worth .5 points.

1. Which one of the following skills best helps the human services professional understand the client’s environment? a. Listening b. Report writing c. Problem solving d. Advising

2. Ethical codes adopted by a profession are usually based on the premise that a. the solution to every problem can be found in the ethical code b. professions can police themselves. c. …show more content…

Intended to address areas such as employment, goods and services, and participation in the political process

7. Clients seeking human services can benefit from technology a. without worrying about confidentiality issues b. without knowing much about computers themselves c. without physically meeting with a professional d. without worrying about the quality of services

8. According to the text, factors that influence how a client defines and resolves a problem include all of the following EXCEPT a. the qualifications of the helper b. the client’s developmental needs c. the client’s cultural values d. how the client perceives the situation

9. Supporting activities such as films, speakers, school programs, and pamphlets educate the population, which is a goal of the a. human service model b. public health model c. medical model d. all three models

10. The whole person refers to one of the following: a. the person and his or her environment b. the person and all the medical personnel involved c. the person and relationships with all the family d. the person and the problems he or she faces

11. Empathy is best described as a. crying when someone else is hurt b. feeling sorry for others c. acceptance of others and seeing their situation from their perspective d. being able to read another

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