Buffalo Wild Wings Case Study

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They both have a hostess located particularly close to the entrance of the restaurant, who seats the party at a table, depending on availability, and current staff available to fulfill customer needs. Once customers are seated at a table, they are then greeted by a server, who takes drink, appetizer, entree, and dessert orders, as well as cater the the customer by taking care of their wants and needs and making sure that they are getting quality service while they are dining at their establishment. Both Buffalo Wild Wings and Dublin both provide similar types of “bar” food such as burgers and appetizers, and although the menus’ differ, they offer a variety of food that is similar in nature. Both restaurants are also similar in that they both…show more content…
We were able to obtain interesting findings about the difference and comparison between these two restaurants. As far as lunch time goes, Dublin and Buffalo Wild Wings are similar in a variety of ways. We found that most groups dining in both restaurants were grouped in parties of 2-5 people, who seemed to be made up of mostly family and friend oriented groups. These groups during lunch time mostly associated and chatted with their own groups, without much interaction from other parties except the wait staff that was catering to them and tending to their needs. Both restaurants offer their customers a more laid back lunch atmosphere, with less crowds of people, relatively little wait time to get food and drinks, and a comfortable setting to enjoy their lunch. Most people at both restaurants sat and enjoyed their lunches while having conversation and enjoying the time spent with their family, friends, and loved ones. We attended these two establishments both on a Sunday and Thursday for lunch and both days had relatively similar feelings and atmospheres in both restaurants. Both Dublin and Buffalo Wild Wings lunch crowds, wait staff, and overall…show more content…
On Friday night for example, there is a relatively large variety of things that make these restaurants different experiences for each of their consumers. On Friday night Dublin has a particularly larger number of customers who are drinking mixed drinks, shots, and beers, and on the other hand at Buffalo Wild Wings it appeared that there were less people drinking alcoholic beverages, and if they were, it was almost always beer. Dublin offers an environment where people feel comfortable dancing and Buffalo Wild Wings does not really have the place or the atmosphere for consumers to make dancing appropriate. Although a high number of people in both establishments were dressed casually on Friday nights, Dublin primarily had more people eloquently dressed in fancier clothing than Buffalo Wing Wings, which has more of a casual, laid back feel and that usually makes customers feel comfortable wearing their choice of casual attire. At Buffalo Wild Wings there appeared to be a high variety of appetizers being served because they offer half-off appetizers on weekdays which can draw in a large crowd of people. At Dublin the atmosphere was more of focused on the drinking seen rather than the food scene on this particular day because a lot of college age students gather at Dublin to socialize with not only their own parties, but
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