Building A Competitive Market Position Based On Value Propositions Essay

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Gartner Framework “Eight Building Blocks” (Radcliffe):

1. Vision — creating a picture of what the customer - centric enterprise will look like, in order to build a competitive market position based on value propositions that are defined, communicated and personified by the enterprise brand.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) constitutes of commonly adopted management practice by organization in the twenty first century .It helps in fulfilling of diverse expectations such as reducing costs, speeding up processes, improving quality, and even gaining of more strategic role for HR within the organization .The use of Human resource information systems (HRIS) has been advocated as an opportunity for Human resource (HR) professionals to become strategic partners with top management. The idea has been that HRIS would allow for the HR function to become more efficient and to provide better information for decision–making. (Kashive)

2. Strategy — developing a strategy to turn the customer base into an asset by delivering customer value propositions. This includes setting objectives and determining how resources will be used to interact with customers.

Much of the market strategy for HRIS is in the specialization of HR tasks and a variety of implementation paths. Organizations of various sizes can select hosted or SaaS models and make their own decisions regarding in-house or outsourced implementations. Ultimately each niche HRIS provider is seeking to provide the most

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