Building A Web Architecture Is A Process

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Joseph Willis
Term Paper
Professor Romero

Web Architecture Building a web architecture is a process that takes time and focus. Without staying focused and taking your time you may cause the website to be down for a long period of time. The best ways to reduce the chances of down time for your site when moving it, is to make sure that you pre-plan the entire process from start to finish.

The first step to moving the site internally is to build an internal server that will host the site. The server should run the newest windows operating system; this will allow all the newest features and ensure that your operating system is able to receive updates. After getting the server up and running you are going to want to install all of the patches and updates as well as give the server a static IP address.

The second step is to create the database on the server. In order to do this you will need to install SQL onto the server. The database will run inside of the SQL program. The database will be carried over from the backups that will be created before we move the site. This will ensure that all of the data that was entered into the system is carried over as well.

The next step is to created backups of the external site and its databases. After creating the backups, import them into the database that was created before. This step is crucial because without the backups you will have to recreate the entire website from scratch. We

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