Building A Young And Innovative Company

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Introduction We establish a young and innovative company called Clabe. Our company sells four kinds of sports products with high quality and reasonable price, including football (Ronaldo), driver’s helmet (Honda), tennis racket (Nadal) and Ice hockey stick (Panda) Our goal is to provide sports products and services with all the ethnic. In order to respond to the change of the market, our company focuses on the quality of products and continuously invests in R&D department. Besides, environment-friendly manufacturing method is also used during the process of operation. Our main strategy is focusing on creating brand image and making it unique. It is because of the premium quality and the differentiation of our products that we have a comparative advantages, so we can pass along the high supplier costs to the our customers. As for Human Resource Management, we choose Peter Monroe as our manager and set a board salary, wages of sales representatives, Education budget , and work conditions (respectively at the level of 5000, 2200,2500 and 2600). In terms of five factors to improve, we choose implement health and safety law, public transportation card for employees, teambuilding, flexible working hours and fitness program for employees. Executive Summary We built a sports equipment company on June in 2014. This report is going to analyze the performance of company and point out the methods how to improve its shortage by using diagrams, figures and financial

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