Bullying: A Parody Analysis

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The following parody is based on almost a totally true story. The whole story takes place 25 years ago at Needham High School in room 201. The bell rings at 7:45am for the start of class. The tenth grade history class taught by Mr. Johnson and on that Friday morning there is a history test on the French and Indian War. No one in the class studies for the test, but the tests are impossible hard. Because everyone in the class cheats, they get near perfect grades every week. Every week the students are given a test on weekly material which they learned from class. During each test, however, the teacher decides that it is an appropriate time to take a nap so all the kids end up scamming because no one is stopping them. But on one Friday morning in class 201, everything changes. …show more content…

After coming to his conscious, he realizes that ripping off the test is not right and that he should just study the material instead. When everyone got their tests back on that following Monday everyone in the class receives an A except for John who gets a F. Everyone is wondering why John’s grades are so poor even though he could easily cheat. Every week John would keep on failing while everyone else was acing the tests. The oblivious teacher, Mr. Johnson, tells John that if he does not receive above a F on the next test that he would have to repeat the tenth grade. All of his classmates are telling him to just follow everyone else, but he does not. John ends up failing the test and leaves all of his friends behind in the tenth grade. John would not take off his “Black Veil” because he knew that it is wrong to cheat. When his friends ask him why he did not cheat John gets really mad at everyone because he knows deep down that he is right and that everyone in the room is a sinner. People wonder to this day why John never

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