Bullying Is A Problem That Has Affected Our Community

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Bullying is a problem that has affected everyone in the community. People are finding it necessary to address the rising issue of bullying. The effects of bullying have been a developing issue in the home, schools, and the community. Some individuals have said it is just kids having fun. However, it is not fun for the individual on the receiving end of the bullying. The issue of bullying can become an annoyance for the individual being bullied and others around them. The people who are witness to the bullying can also be harmed because they have seen the incident. The bullying of peers can affect the individual emotionally, physically, academically and mentally. At times, bullying can become a criminal act when the individual being bullied is harassed, or assaulted parents sent their adolescents to school and expects for them to be protected by the school faculty. Newman et al. (2004) implies that adolescents can be the focus of direct bullying and indirect bullying (p. 259). Parents are usually the last to have any knowledge of the problems their children are facing to and from school. Preventing bullying in a school setting can be difficult; however, they are attempts being made to prevent bullying of individuals in a school setting. Researchers have been focusing on understanding the process of bullying. Since bullying is becoming a more frequent act researcher are beginning to open the eyes of parents and school officials. Individuals now have knowledge
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