Bullying Is A Type Of Aggression

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In my paper I will look at bullying in Middle Schools. What causes it and what can be done to prevent it. I will look at victim and bully characteristics, potential effects on the victim and possible ways to combat bullying.
Bullying has been defined as “an unprovoked attack that causes hurt of a psychological, physical or social nature.(Casey-Cannon, Hayward and Gowen 2001 p.138). Bullying is a type of aggression in which the bully is more powerful than the victim and commits aggressive acts against them. This definition of bullying is also referred to as “Double I R” (Imbalance of power, intentional acts, repeated overtime) (Newman Horne and Bartolumucci.). It is a repeated and systematic abuse of power (Olweus,1999; P. K. Smith & Sharp, 1994).
Ideas on Bullying Much of the problem with bullying is that outsiders refuse to see it for what it is justifying acts of aggression they see on the victim as “being a kid” Many people also victim blame saying things like “he/she must of done something”, “it their fault because they are not “normal” Many people believe that the victims bring on the bullying themselves, because they have done something and need to be “taught a lesson” Many other students do not intervene because they see the bullies as being more popular than their targets and feel that there is no malicious intent in the teasing ( Oliver, Hoover, and Hazler (1994). According to Many schools have a culture

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